Monday, February 28, 2005

Parents, teach your kids not to be fuckwits!

I have no sympathy for the 13 year old who was beaten up by an angry motorist. Whatever his mother claims, I have no doubt the wretched child was throwing snowballs at cars deliberately. The road in question is quite a straight road. Not the sort of road you might be throwing snowballs on and not see an oncoming car. If the child's mother is to be believed (actually she wasn't there, so I should say if the child is to be believed) he was just innocently throwing a snowball at his friend when a car APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE and somehow CAUGHT the snowball! Was it the fucking BATMOBILE or something?

I do agree that the man is of a violent disposition and shouldn't have done what he did, but hey, that's the risk you take when you throw things at passing cars. It's dangerous and you should learn not to do it.