Sunday, March 13, 2005

Audacity -v- Goldwave

I've been trying out an open source sound recorder/editor program called Audacity.

I've been using Goldwave up to now, but after a certain number of clicks it starts reminding you to buy it and you have to shut it down and open it up again.

The main difference I notice with Audacity is that it records multiple tracks. It can also play the other tracks while recording, so I think it would be great for making music.

It'll take some getting used to but I think I'll end up using it more than Goldwave. The only thing is I can't work out how to do a Stormtrooper effect in Audacity. In Goldwave I use a bandpass/stop filter between 1000 and 2000 Hz with a steepness of 2.

I need to learn more about audio.

UPDATE: I find Goldwave to be much easier to use when recording soundsets. It it easier to record multiple takes and to trim the final cut. If I stop recording in Audacity, then starting again makes a new track. When I play it back the two are played simultaneously. I suppose I could just delete the previous track but it makes it harder to compare different recordings.