Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Crazy women with guns!

How the Americans must laugh at us. A special needs teacher in Manchester was sentenced to six months in prison for firing an air pistol 'near' the feet of one of gang of teenagers who had terrorised her for over 4 months.

It is interesting to see what the officials involved had to say about it:
Greater Manchester Police said there was no "particular problem" with anti-social behaviour in the Urmston area and insisted there was "no evidence" to suggest the Walkers had been targeted for abuse by youths.
Oh. Well that must mean the woman is mad, wouldn't you agree? You know how women are. Time of the month and all that. Mmm hmm. Loco.
"While we support homeowners protecting themselves in line with the recent ACPO and CPS guidelines, Mrs Walker over stepped the line and attacked a group in an unprovoked, disproportionate manner," det sgt Frank Hayley, of Trafford CID, said.
Exactly! Do you have any idea how traumatising it is for a strapping 18 year old man, accustomed to having his way and comitting various petty crimes with impunity, to have a 48 year old woman stand up to him and his gang of toughs and fire an air pistol at the ground near his feet? Those poor children! That woman deserves to be locked up!
"The use of a firearm was an extreme reaction and Greater Manchester Police will not tolerate the use of such a weapon on the street, irrespective of the offender's justification."
GOSH! She used a FIREARM? You mean a "kinetic energy weapon that fires either a single or multiple projectiles propelled at high velocity by the gases produced by action of the rapid confined burning of a propellant"? Well, that's totally out of proportion... what's that? It was an air pistol? But that's not a firearm, it uses compressed air to propel a small metal pellet. You don't even need a licence for them, because they're not that dangerous...

Still, it must have been really scary for the poor children. I imagine it must have looked something like this:

The part I find most terrifying is DS Hayley's statement. Not only is he completely ignorant about what a firearm actually is, he also conveniently forgets about the armed police who use real firearms on the street. Will he refuse to tolerate them, irrespective of their justification? Oh wait, they are special - soldiers of the elite State, not citizens in uniform. Silly me.