Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What a mighty good man!

Have you seen this lovely commercial for the Peugeot 407 Coupe?

If you're like me you'll think it's a refreshing advert... right up until the punchline, after the woman's startled mouth pops open and suddenly you realise that all the women were hawt sexbots and the backing track is going on about how great men are.

For a while I wondered what it was supposed to mean. Men are back? From where? Surely one notable characteristic of a patriarchy is the presence of men?

The message has filtered through now: only real men drive shiny silver penis extensions. If you drive this car you'll have no competition from other men, the entire pussy pool will exist only for you.

According to a motoring site:

Dean Drew, director for advertising at Peugeot said, “The theme of the commercial is to show the 407 Coupe as a car that’s particularly ‘masculine’, not ‘macho’. In claiming, “Men are back” we wanted to reaffirm male values, rather than male domination. We assume the humour will be appreciated by men just as much as women”.

However Peugeot’s PR team this week were quick to point out that whilst 75 per cent of customers who bought the previous 406 Coupe were men, they fully expect more women to be attracted to their new and more glamorous 407 Coupe models which will be in showrooms at the end of January.

I love how they 'assumed' that the 'humour' would be appreciated by women. What humour? I think they mean the objectification. Do male values really need reaffirming? Everyone knows what male 'values' are in this patriarchy (male domination), just as everyone knows what women's 'values' (being submissive objects) are.

Although this ad is aimed at men who wouldn't necessarily buy into the "big macho pickup truck" idea of male dominance, it's still male dominance however you dress it up.